Open Records Request

Anyone may request information from the Rockwall Police Department pursuant to the Public Information Act. The Rockwall Police Department has ten (10) business days to respond to your request. In lieu of releasing information, the Rockwall Police Department may request an opinion from the Open Records Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office. In the event the Department deems the requested information to be exempt from public discloser, a decision from the Texas Attorney General will be requested.

Requests concerning juveniles, criminal investigations, child abuse investigations, and sexual assault investigations will be forwarded to the Texas Attorney General’s Office for an opinion. If an Attorney General’s opinion is sought, you will be notified in writing. There is a .10 cent, per page, copy charge for reports that contain ten (10) pages or more. You will be contacted if the charge exceeds $40.00 concerning the following: (Failure to provide specific information will result in the delay of fulfilling your request. Please provide all known information you have concerning your request.)

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