School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers are under direct supervision of a Community Services Unit Sergeant. They are responsible for providing security and educational and counseling services to students and faculty for assigned schools of the City. School Resource Officers are responsible for presenting drug awareness programs, personal safety programs, and related instructional media to students, staff, and parents as requested.  School Resource Officers counsel students, parents, and faculty concerning family issues and the law. They also attempt to reduce the possibilities of crimes such as larceny, violence, drug use and vandalism. School Resource Officers are responsible for responding to assaults on teachers and students and investigating student violations.

Colt Church
Officer Colt Church
Rockwall High School
  Dennis Mees
Officer Dennis Mees
Rockwall High School

Monte Johnson
Officer Monte Johnson
Rockwall Quest Academy
  Michael Manuel
Officer Michael Manuel
Herman E. Utley Middle School

James Williams
Officer James Williams

J.W. Williams Middle School


Curtis Bennett
Officer Curtis Bennett

Virginia Reinhardt,
Howard Dobbs &
Nebbie Williams Elementaries

Michael Collier
Officer Mike Collier

Amanda Rochelle, Dorris Jones,
& Grace Hartman Elementaries

Officer Jackye Shouse

Celia Hays, Ouida Springer, Sherrie and Paul Hamm,
& Sharon Shannon Elementaries

Officer Jeff Ingalls

Gene Burton College and Career Academy



Rockwall County Crime Stoppers

Rockwall Police Smart 911