K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit is utilized for the following situations:

Tracking - Canines are able to track the "human scent" and "ground disturbance" of suspects who have fled from police officers or from a criminal offense.

Building Searches - Canines are used to search buildings that have been burglarized in an attempt to locate the suspects inside the building.

Narcotics - Canines are used to locate illegal narcotics in vehicles and buildings.

Handler Protection - Canines are used to protect officers including the handler from assaults from criminals.

Criminal Apprehension - Canines are used to apprehend high-risk and violent criminals. This provides better safety for officers and citizens.

Both handlers are issued a take-home patrol vehicle that is equipped for their partner. Each dog lives with their handler and becomes a part of their family. The team trains weekly to stay proficient in each aspect of their job duties.

For questions about the K-9 Unit, contact Officer Craig Goff at (972) 771-7721 or Officer Gunnor McGee (972)772-6778.

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