Property Identification Program

The Rockwall Police Department Property Identification Program is designed to reduce burglaries and to increase the likelihood of property that has been stolen to be recovered. The Property Identification Program allows residents to place stickers on electronics items such as televisions and computers that can be scanned by Rockwall Police Officers in event the item is stolen.

This program provides the resident with identification stickers that can be placed on their electronics and other valuables. Property that is marked and the serial numbers recorded have a much higher chance of being recovered if stolen. In addition, the program provides residents with sheets for them to record their serial numbers and a compact disc for them to store pictures of valuable such as jewelry. Property Identification Program participants will also be given a yard sign and window stickers which will mark their home as participating in this program.

Additional Information

If you are interested in participating in the Property Identification Program, contact Officer David Andrews Office: 972-772-6707 or Email:


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