Neighborhood Crime Watch

Join millions of people throughout the nation by joining a Neighborhood Crime Watch group. The idea behind Neighborhood Crime Watch is simple: to look out for your neighbor while he looks out for you. Neighborhood Crime Watch is a self-help program teaming citizens and the police. Calls to the police reporting suspicious activity are encouraged. This program has proven effective. The Crime Prevention Unit can help a neighborhood organize and facilitate meetings.

After three initial meetings, and the satisfaction of the attendance requirement (50% of the neighborhood), signs announcing that yours is a Neighborhood Crime Watch Community can be erected. Neighborhood Crime Watch groups are organized along geographic lines and should be of a manageable size. Operation of the group is the responsibility of the neighborhood although members of the Crime Prevention unit are available for suggestions, guidance and the presentation of topics of significance to your particular neighborhood.

For help in establishing a Neighborhood Crime Watch Group, or for questions,
please contact: SSgt. Steven Brassil at (972) 772-6776, Officer Chris Cleveland at
(972) 772-6746 or Officer David Andrews at (972)772-6707.

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