Citizens On Patrol

The Rockwall Police Department has a very active Citizens on Patrol Program. The main purpose of the Citizens On Patrol program is to bring together citizens and their police department in a cooperative effort to make our city safer. Citizens On Patrol (COP) members are citizen volunteers who either live or work in the City of Rockwall. To become a member of the COP, participants must have successfully completed the Citizens Police Academy. Each COP member is also required to attend additional training, which is known as the Citizens on Patrol Mini Academy. The “mini academy” requires each member to participate in a defensive driving course, class room training, and scenario based training in order to be able actively participate in the Citizens on Patrol Program. All training will be provided by the Rockwall Police Department free of charge.

The Citizens on Patrol program was started in January 1998 with eight members. Today, there are currently 52 active COP members. On average COP Volunteers donate from 5,00 to 5,500 hours each year saving the city and community between $68,000.00 to $75,000.00 each year. In addition to normal patrol duties, COP members have assisted during parades, concerts, high school football games, 4th of July celebrations, and numerous special events. The Rockwall Police Department is extremely proud of our COP volunteers.

Potential COP members must be at least 21 years of age, with a valid driver’s license and no Class A or B misdemeanor convictions nor felony convictions. Each applicant must a thorough background examination and  interview process.

Anyone interested in joining the COP program can contact: Sgt. Steve Brassil at (972) 772-6727, Officer Chris Cleveland at (972) 772-6746 OR Officer David Andrews at (972)772-6707.


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