Residential/Business Security Surveys

Specially trained Community Service Officers are available to meet with home/business owners with the purpose of conducting a security survey. Items surveyed include locks, lighting, landscaping, and alarms. The officer will make realistic recommendations to the home/business owner in hopes of target hardening their property and reducing the likelihood of them becoming a victim of crime. This service is available to the citizens of Rockwall at no cost.

Along with this free service, our Community Service Officers are available to perform an insurance reduction survey for homeowners at no cost. The inspection examines physical security hardware (e.g. locks) and/or alarm systems. A successful inspection can reduce your insurance premiums by 5% for security hardware and 15% for alarm system. The premium reductions can be combined or a possible 20% reduction at the discretion of the home owner’s insurance company.

To set up an appointment for any of these services, please contact:
Sgt. Steven Brassil at (972) 772-6776, Officer Chris Cleveland at (972) 772-6746 or Officer David Andrews at (972)772-6707.


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